Fibre Fall Exhibition

Ice Flower Pojagi

71cm wide x 65 cm high

Crepe de Chine Silk




Ice Flower Pojagi has been created in response to my recent obsession with natural dyes. Collecting flowers (geranium, nasturtium, cosmos, roses) that grew in my garden over summer, I froze these delicate flowers to experiment with ice flower dyeing. I delight in the magic of the natural world, and love that these dyes continue to change colour when the fibre is exposed to a modifier. 


Different modifiers can change the colour dramatically, from pink to green to yellow. It really is plant magic! Colours were modified with vinegar, baking soda, wood ash and iron.


Pojagi is a Korean quilt technique where the seams are ‘invisible’, meaning a raw edge is not visible on either side. Typically made from silk, they were used to wrap gifts and precious items. They were believed to bring good luck.

Group textile show with artists Sheila Barrett, Mary Ann Donovan, Susan Lily and Kate Ward.

15 - 28 October 2020

Chester Art Centre

60 Queen St, CHESTER NS