Axiom is a mathematical term that describes an idea that is widely established or accepted. Such as "the only constant in life is change" ~ Heraclitus.


Filmed using a Bolex 16mm Camera and Super 8 Camera using analogue film that was hand developed using a plant based developer and salt water fix. These images were overlaid with hand painted film.


Shot on location on the remote shores of Nova Scotia it focuses on the delicate details of lichen and it combines a magical wonder and curiosity about natures ability to heal.

Audio by John Kennedy, music and film sound creator who works with guitars, synthesizers, samplers, field recordings, and tape decks. John used low frequency 40hz, that has been connected to studies that demonstrate these frequencies can help improve cognitive reasoning since the brain waves work at 40hz for these functions. Also sampled in the soundscape are sounds of metal bowls, rain and an old 16mm movie projector that have been manipulated to be a reflection of the object they were, much like light is a reflection of the object we see. 

Commissioned by AFCOOP in 2021 for the Halifax Independent Film Festival (HIFF).

Premiered at Halifax Independent Film Festival (HIFF) in June, 2021.

Screened at Lumiere, Art at Night event, Sydney NS, September, 2021.

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